Comparing Personal Loan Interest Rates : Top 5 Banks with the Most Affordable Options.

Personal Loan Interest Rates Introduction:

When facing a sudden financial shortfall with no immediate relief in sight, turning to a bank for a personal loan is a common solution. However, it’s crucial to make an informed decision by comparing interest rates offered by different lenders. Most banks tend to charge lower interest rates for individuals with a high credit score and higher rates for those with a lower credit score.

Top 5 Banks with the Lowest Personal Loan Interest Rates :

  1. HDFC Bank:
    • Interest Rate Range: 10.75% to 24% per annum
    • Processing Fees: ₹4,999 plus GST
    • Loan Tenure: 3 to 72 months
    • Maximum Loan Amount: ₹40 lakh
  2. ICICI Bank:
    • Interest Rate Range: 10.65% to 16% per annum
    • Processing Charges: Up to 2.50% of the loan amount plus applicable taxes
  3. State Bank of India (SBI):
    • Minimum Interest Rate: 11.15%
    • SBI extends loans up to ₹20 lakh, even for customers without an SBI bank account.
  4. Kotak Mahindra Bank:
    • Interest Rate: Starting at 10.99% per annum
    • Processing Charges: Up to 3% of the loan amount plus applicable taxes
    • Loan Range: ₹50,000 to ₹40 lakh
  5. Punjab National Bank (PNB):
    • Interest Rate Range: 12.75% to 16.25%
    • Different rates based on credit scores:
      • Corporate Employees: 12.75% to 16.25%
      • Government Employees: 11.75%
      • Defence Personnel: 11.40%


Before securing a personal loan, it is wise to compare the interest rates and terms offered by various banks. Factors such as credit score, loan amount, and tenure should be considered to choose the most suitable option for your financial needs. Always be mindful of processing fees and other charges associated with the loan to make an informed and cost-effective decision.

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