DC Inaugurates First Batch of Training Sessions under PM Vishwakarma at ITI Bandipora

In a significant development, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Shakeel Ul Rehman inaugurated the inaugural batch of training sessions under the transformative PM Vishwakarma initiative at the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Bandipora on February 14.

The event saw the presence of key dignitaries, including ACR Bandipora Shabir Ahmad Wani, Superintendent ITI Sahil Rashid, as well as registered artisans and craftspeople under the PM Vishwakarma scheme.

The first batch, focused on cutting and tailoring, comprises 45 candidates undergoing basic training for five days as part of the PM Vishwakarma initiative. The scheme is structured to include 5 days of basic training followed by 15 days of advanced training, offering a stipend of Rs. 500 per day, along with a certificate upon successful completion of the training program.

Addressing the attendees, DC Shakeel Ul Rehman commended the eligible female artisans for their active participation in the government’s capacity-building programs. He emphasized that the PM Vishwakarma scheme aims to create a unified platform for artisans and craftspeople, providing numerous benefits.

Highlighting the advantages of PM Vishwakarma, the DC emphasized that the scheme presents an opportunity to improve the working and economic conditions of artisans while also conferring recognition through the PM Vishwakarma certificate.

The DC further explained that the training programs are meticulously designed to empower individuals with practical skills and knowledge, equipping them with tools, enhancing their skills, and creating employment opportunities. He underscored the scheme’s encouragement for artisans and craftspeople to undergo training and receive credit support. The inauguration marked a crucial step towards realizing the objectives of the PM Vishwakarma scheme, fostering skill development and economic upliftment within the artisan community.

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