Olyv Emerges as the New Face of SmartCoin, Aiming for Accelerated Growth and Expansion.

In a strategic move, SmartCoin Financials, a leading player in India’s digital lending landscape, has undergone a rebranding initiative and emerged as ‘Olyv.’ This transformation encompasses all its products, including credit services and the recently introduced offerings in credit health and digital gold savings. With a seven-year successful stint as SmartCoin, the company achieved remarkable milestones, boasting a user base of 20 million and extending its services to over 19,000 pin codes across India. Its tech- and data-centric approach has played a pivotal role in simplifying credit accessibility for Emerging India.

The rebranded identity of Olyv signifies a broader vision, placing emphasis on serving the entire financial life-cycle of customers. Venturing into a diverse array of offerings, Olyv employs a robust AI & ML stack to provide highly personalized and contextual products that address critical gaps in the mission for financial inclusion.

Accompanying the new brand, Olyv has launched its inaugural brand campaign, #JahanSapneWahanOlyv, featuring Naveen Kasturia, renowned for his role in ‘TVF Aspirant,’ as the brand ambassador.

With Olyv, the startup aims to tap into new customer segments and enhance engagement through products that cover various facets of the financial journey, particularly focusing on expanding its reach in tier-2+ cities.

This strategic shift not only strengthens its quick credit offerings with advanced, higher-ticket products but also introduces Olyv Gold (Digital Gold Savings), Olyv Credit Health Check (Credit Score), and Olyv Protect (Insurance) to cater to the evolving needs of discerning customers.

Identifying itself as a tech- and data-first company, Olyv showcases a deep commitment to leveraging technology to elevate product and platform experiences, addressing comprehensive financial needs.

Rohit Garg, Co-Founder and CEO of Olyv, expressed his thoughts on the announcement, stating, “We started SmartCoin with a simple mission to democratize credit access for underbanked India. Olyv and the comprehensive suite of offerings take forward our audacious ambitions to serve Indians in the areas of credit, savings, credit health, insurance, and much more.”

Olyv, formerly known as SmartCoin Financials Pvt. Ltd., was established in 2017 as an app-based consumer lending platform. Partnering with RBI-registered NBFCs, Olyv focuses on offering digital personal loans to self-employed and salaried individuals in the emerging and underbanked segments of India. Over the last seven years, the company has evolved into a comprehensive digital financial platform, providing versatile offerings beyond digital loans, including gold savings. Olyv differentiates itself by employing a digital, paperless, automated, and quick-disbursal process, offering real-time credit decisioning for the underserved segment.

For more information, please visit: www.olyv.in

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