Vendor Registration Process for Solar Panel Supplier in National Portal .

Vendor Registration Process for Solar Panel Supplier in National Portal


The National Portal provides a comprehensive platform for executing solar projects, promoting efficiency, and fostering collaboration between vendors and Distribution Companies (DISCOMs). To engage in project execution through this portal, vendors are required to undergo a straightforward registration process. This article outlines the steps involved in vendor registration, emphasizing transparency and accessibility.

Vendor Registration Process for Solar Panel Supplier in National Portal

  1. Application Submission and PBG Deposit: Vendors interested in undertaking projects through the National Portal can initiate the registration process by submitting an application to the respective DISCOM. The application, available in the prescribed format at, must be accompanied by a declaration. Additionally, vendors are required to deposit a Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) of Rs. 2,50,000/-, valid for a minimum of five years.
  2. Division/Circle Level Submission: Applications can be submitted at the Division/Circle level, facilitating ease of access for vendors. Within one month from the submission date, the names of empanelled vendors will be incorporated into the list. To ensure an updated and dynamic system, DISCOMs will refresh this list on a monthly basis.
  3. Inclusion on the National Portal: DISCOMs play a pivotal role in the vendor registration process by uploading the details of registered vendors onto the National Portal. Following this, vendors will receive a registration mail containing essential information. Subsequently, vendors can log in to the National Portal using their PAN Number and the mobile number registered with DISCOM during the initial registration. This step enables vendors to input product rates and contact details, enhancing their visibility on the platform.
  4. Consumer Interaction: The details entered by registered vendors on the National Portal become accessible to consumers who submit applications to the relevant DISCOM for rooftop solar projects. This interaction ensures transparency, allowing consumers to make informed decisions based on vendor rates and contact details.


The vendor registration process for the National Portal has been designed to streamline engagement, encourage vendor participation, and enhance the overall efficiency of solar project execution. With a focus on transparency and accessibility, this process empowers both vendors and consumers, fostering a collaborative environment for the advancement of solar initiatives. As vendors contribute their product rates and details, the National Portal becomes a valuable resource for consumers seeking reliable and proficient partners in their rooftop solar journey.

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